In this essay. I write about cultural group and why we can non specify an cultural group by their cultural elements such as linguistic communication. faith. imposts and so on. I write this essay because there is a inquiry about why we can non specify an cultural group by their civilization. whereas civilization are one elements of an cultural.

There is job of seeing cultural groups as cultural groups ; “the mere fact that two groups of people are of different civilization does non needfully connote – as has about ever been assumed – that they belong to two rather different societal systems ( Leach 1954: 17 ) . “Someone is Lue by virtuousness of believing and naming himself Lue and of moving in ways that validate his Lueness” ( Moerman. 1965:1219 ) . First of all. I want to state what is cultural group. Before cultural groups. anthropologies who study colonial topic and society called society they studied as ‘tribe’ and people they studied as “tribal people” .

The word “tribe” was replaced by the word “ethnic groups” by the sixtiess because ; a tribal society is non every bit stray as being assumed. tribal societies interact with one another. and the word folk reflects Europocentric positions. a crisp qualitative differentiation between ourselves and the people we study. There is a job when we seeing cultural groups as cultural groups because there will be a different in their pattern. For an illustration. cultural Java Banyumasan or Banyumas at Indonesia with Orang Jawa of Malaysia. Basically. they are an specific ethnic.

But due to geographical differences for illustration. they have different pattern. linguistic communication. faith and others. In the field of human ecology. we can see Jawa Banyumasan normally live in the sou’-west of Central Java. Technically. Jawa Banyumasan is one of the subgroups of the Jawa people groups. but they have their ain cultural fluctuations which differ from other Jawa peoples. While The Orang Jawa. ( Jawa of Malaysia ) has migrated from Central Java. where the same topographic point of Jawa Banyumasan. to Malaysia. This migrations due to Dutch colonisation at Indonesia from 1880 to 1930.

The Orang Jawa live in peninsular Malaysia in parts of Johor. Malacca. Perak. Selangor. and Kedah. Jawa Banyumasan have typical Javanese idiom. Normally. easy for Jawa Banyumasan to understand conversations with other Jawa idioms. Degree of Javanese are likely household tree. The higher you go the more similarity or standardisation there is. But the lower you go the more assortment. However. many other Jawa groups hard to understand the Banyumasan idiom because of the widespread of Banyumasan vocabulary.

While the younger Orang Jawa who use Jawa linguistic communication being less among them. Most of them can non retrieve how to talk it or ne’er learned about it. In their day-to-day live. Most of the Java’s Banyumasan live as a husbandman. When we compare with other folk in Indonesia. Banyumasan have an progress in the manner they farm. Other than have a fertile dirt. they cultivate the land good and they besides have modern equipment to make their agriculture. Banyumasan besides have their ain little industries for illustration woven bamboo and brown sugar. To run into other demands. this trade good is sold to other parts.

For Orang Jawa ( Malaysia ) . their new coevalss who live in metropolis have assimilated with the general Malay civilization. Now they besides work as a bankers. pilots. comptrollers. politicians. and besides applied scientists. They good known as a efficient and hardworking people. In Selangor. some of Orang Jawa work as a Islamic spiritual instructor. Orang Jawa who live in small towns. they still maintains their individuality and traditions. Peoples who are non Jawa but come from other Malay group. when they married with Orang Jawa. they besides claimed or called themselves as Orang Jawa. or Jawa Peranakan.

Other than grown up their ain veggies. and farm animal. they besides involved in touristry activities by make their manner of life as a tourer attractive force. Orang jawa good known as a friendly people. They normally will ask for visitants to portion repast with their households even though they frequently have a big household with some holding between 10 to 17 kids. Marital personal businesss is a large thing to Orang Jawa. Sometimes. they celebrate matrimonies last up to three yearss. Giving gift to the honeymooners are besides a common thing for Orang Jawa.

They more to assist each other instead than during nuptialss instead than have a larges amount of money. In their belief. or faith. bulk of Java’s Banyumas are Muslims. However. around 80 % of them are “Muslim individuality card” ( abangan ) . While the other 20 % were god-fearing Muslim ( pupils ) . who are pious Muslim and lead Islamic instruction earnestly. Other than that. some of Java’s Banyumas still believe in animism. They besides believe with liquors such as bujungan. jangkrong. and dhemit. Topographic points like grave. mountains. caves and sea it is considered sacred. Information taken from the RankTopTen source